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I’ve been working in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years, with the past 11 years exclusively freelance supporting agencies and businesses with marketing development and production.

I started my career as a print production artist, but always had a passion for animation and online marketing. I have been extremely fortunate to work with amazing agencies and companies, helping them promote and market their products and services.

Included here are a small portion of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the years. Some highlights of my scope & range include: animation experience ranging from digital animations, infographics and motion graphics; development experience including banner ads, emails and websites; and production experience ranging from retouching & pre-press work to video & audio editing.

I emphasize & pour over the details, never miss a deadline, and am always available. Please contact me if I can assist with any animation, development or production needs.

Contact Me

Please email me at or call my cell at 905 334-8455.

CIBC Vignette - Island


CIBC Vignette - Whale


CIBC Vignette - Airplane


Salvation Army


EOS Holiday


The Truth About Doctors Infographic


Audi retouching

I was asked to take existing photos of vehicles and adjust the lighting and in some cases the colour of the vehicle. Drag the slider to see the before and after.


Bush And Beyond

I have been responsible for producing all print and online materials - from ads and brochures to emails and website.